16Dec 2018

Spotify Playlists Series - Alien Soundtracks Vol. 2

New Spotify playlist compiled by Nicola.
11Dec 2018

Christmas discount on everything!

It's Christmas time! Time for presents, innit? Head over to our Bandcamp store and get 15% off any purchase by inserting the code "psych_xmas" at checkout.
05Oct 2018

Spotify Playlist - Alien Soundtracks Vol. 1

New Spotify playlist compiled by Nicola.
24Aug 2018

Spotify Playlist - Postcard from the land of sunshine

As we're heading off for a new tour in England, while summertime is just beginning to fade, we thought it'd be nice to send you all a postcard from Italy. This is our guide to what's going on in italian music. The good side of it. This will be a liquid Spotify playlist, we'll update it in time with new songs as we encounter them.

07Aug 2018

New video 'Fountain'

During our tour of southern Italy last year, we took a resting stop at Dalek Studio in Messina (Sicily), for a good barbecue facing the sea and a quick live recording session. Head over to Echoes And Dust for the video of 'Fountain', filmed during those sessions.
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