06Mar 2019

Spotify Playlist - Exercises In Contemporary Music

Luca Giovanardi picks some of his favourite 20th century pieces of minimalist contemporary music.
12Feb 2019

Exclusive Download: Salting Traces (Dub Remix)

A new previously unreleased remix of Salting Traces is available for free download at the download page.
30Jan 2019

I Am Damo Suzuki: The Biography Book

Damo Suzuki's biography book written with Paul Woods has a release date set for 28th March on Omnibus Press. It includes contributions by our own Luca Giovanardi and many other sound carriers of the Damo Suzuki Network. It's possible to pre-order the book here.
16Dec 2018

Spotify Playlists Series - Alien Soundtracks Vol. 2

New Spotify playlist compiled by Nicola.
11Dec 2018

Christmas discount on everything!

It's Christmas time! Time for presents, innit? Head over to our Bandcamp store and get 15% off any purchase by inserting the code "psych_xmas" at checkout.
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