13Nov 2020

Debut album by Yuma out now on Superlove

We're delighted to announce the release for our own label Superlove of Yuma's debut album. The music of the band (featuring our own drummer Ulisse Tramalloni, guitarist Marco Parmiggiani of Rufus Party and the legendary local bluesman Johnny La Rosa) is a mix of blues, rock and abrasive folk that takes off from tradition to project itself into contemporaneity. The album is available now at all digital stores and streaming services.

Johnny La Rosa, Marco Parmiggiani (Rufus Party), Ulisse Tramalloni (Julie's Haircut). An atypical line up (drums, steel guitar, electric guitar). Original songs that draw on tradition - Hank Williams, Son House, Bukka White, Prison working songs, Folk ballads - and become a desolate, harsh, obscure sound. The point of no return? Yuma.
12Oct 2020

Introducing Muni: debut album 'Soma' out

"Those who meditate in silence": it is one of the meanings of the Sanskrit word "Muni", a new musical project by Nicola Caleffi, multi-instrumentalist and founder of the Italian band Julie's Haircut. The debut album "Soma" (the sacred drink of the Vedic cult) was born from a day of studio improvisation which also involved Laura Storchi, a Julie's Haircut founding member, Claudio Luppi and Pierluigi Lanzillotta, the latter two engaged in various projects including the psych-rock outfit Pip Carter Lighter Maker. As invigorated by the properties of the Soma itself - the nectar that brings health and immortality - our four “cantors” unleash their minds to give life to an initiatory journey in deep communion with nature. From the thrilling Fourth-World plots of "Drinking At The River Of Light", which hides jazz-veins inspired by the Miles Davis of "He Loved Him Madly" and "In A Silent Way", to the psychedelic drifts of "Spirit Animal ”, in which horn players Silvia Orlandini and Paolo Campani also participate playing their winds, Muni manage to make spaces and silences resonate, transforming music into an imaginary landscape. Among ethno-tribal textures, in which the Bruce Palmer of "The Cycle Is Complete" era resounds, mystical psychedelia and sidereal excursions, also the tracks "Presence By The Fire" and "Corona Borealis" follow one other, closing the circle of a pilgrimage that Muni travel between heaven and earth accompanied by three very dear texts, which attended during the studio sessions: the Bhagavadgītā, the zen poem Shodoka by Yoka Daishi and the poems by Dylan Thomas. "Soma" was recorded and mixed by Gabriele Riccioni and is published by Backwards Records on 300 vinyl copies. Artwork by Juan Ignacio Gimenez.
02Oct 2020

Julies' Haircut vs Rainbow Island

Following the release of their respective recent new albums, Italy’s own psych heroes Julie’s Haircut and Rainbow Island join forces for a digital single release where the two bands remix each other’s music. 

Both revisit songs coming from albums released back in 2017: Julie’s Haircut rhythmically reworks Jiang (from Rainbow Island’s album Crystal Smerluvio Riddims), while Rainbow Island picks Orpheus Rising (from the Julie’s Haircut album Invocation and Ritual Dance of My Demon Twin) and drenches it in dub. 

This release marks a mutual feeling of respect and admiration between the two italian bands. 

The cover art is a detail of “Nymphs Finding the Head of Orpheus" (1900) by John William Waterhouse. Graphic treatment by Nicola Caleffi

Follow the 'buy' link in the Bandcamp player to get it.
18Sep 2020

New Mixtape for frame.

Here is a new mixtape compiled and mixed by Nicola for frame. Dive in!
25Jul 2020

Watch full live show from Estragon Club, Bologna

Music to tickle yer brain and soothe yer soul: Julie's Haircut live from Estragon Club, Bologna. A filmed live show with no audience. Until we can meet again. Special appearance by founding member Laura Storchi.
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