02Mar 2020

Best Art Vinyl Italia 2019 nomination

Annegret Soltau's artwork (layed out by Mr. Johnny O'Carroll) for our album In The Silence Electric was nominated for best italian cover art at Best Art Vinyl Italia for 2019. You can vote your 3 favourite artworks here: http://bestartvinylitalia.it/wpa-vote/
24Jan 2020

Ashram Equinox: new vinyl reprint available

It's one of the most beloved albums of ours, impossible to find for years on LP. It is now back in stock by high demand via WoodWorm, on a quality black vinyl LP new edition. We already have some copies ready to ship from our shop. It is indeed a less lush (and less costly) edition than the original one, but still great: it lacks the 12-page illustrated book by Pasquale De Sensi (but it has an illustrated inner single jacket), there is no CD included and the cover is single jacket (no gatefold). But music is what matters, is it not? And that is, of course, superb: optimum mastering pressed on quality virgin black vinyl. Go get it!
12Jan 2020

Goodbye Laura!

+sad but proud mode on+
 The last few years since Laura joined the band have been among the best ever for us. We’ve made three albums, tons of shows, we jammed, laughed, traveled, had a great time, and of course happily shared the weight of the less enjoyable sides of it. Now it’s time to say goodbye and part our ways. We’re already looking forward to playing (and eating, drinking, being awesome) with her again soon, but the show in Bologna last night has been her last as a stable part of our line up. It’s been a crazy, fun rollercoaster ride and we’ve loved it. She’s our little sister, we wish her all the best with her music and we know she’ll make us proud. Till next time.

From Laura:
**very sad announcement**
Last night in Bologna was my last concert with Julie's Haircut. This doesn't mean we won't play and collaborate anymore together, but just that it won't be intense and stable like it was in the past. It's impossible to explain in a FB post how fun It was being part of this band and how they will be forever my zii and the only 5 guys who can bully me and still have my love back. I am very proud and grateful to have been a part of the 25 years-history of this unique band. Let's celebrate these 4.5 years of concerts with my favorite pic ever of us on the ferry to Sicily in 2017
10Oct 2019

New album 'In The Silence Electric'

Our new album In The Silence Electric, released by Rocket Recordings, with cover art by the german artist Annegret Soltau(©1975), is available now as download, streaming, CD and LP in three different colours: green, pink (exclusive for indie shops) and white on clear (exclusive for mail order).

The buzz: 
“A real gem of controlled power and strange beauty. Drifting purposefully from tenebrous mysterious hearts of darkness to screaming noise-flooded fields” (Narc Magazine - ****/5)  
“Pretty thrilling stuff” (The Quietus)  
“Roy Orbison making the dirtiest kosmische musik possible” (Concrete Island)  
“Band hitting a blistering career peak” (Trebuchet)  
“A crowning achievement” (Raven Sings The Blues)  
“Unconditional listening recommendation!” (Neolyd)  
“Drips with magnetic seduction” (Get Into This)  
“A complete success” (Fuzzy Sun)  
“Head straight to the dance floor on a wave of fuzzed out glory” (Echoes & Dust)  
“A precise and uncompromising vision, a refined outcome only they could have produced” (Piccadilly Records)  
“The reason Julie’s Haircut’s music works is that the band has left behind any ‘overthinking’ in music and has opted for letting their dreams, subconscious and all the inspirations that lie in there speak for themselves” (Soundblab)  
“This will conquer many hearts” (Blow Up - 8/10) 
“To describe this with just one word, we believe the word ‘genius’ will do the job” (Rockerilla) 
“Embracing like the darkest hour of the night” (Rumore - 8/10) 
“A unique band in the italian panorama. Once again, an album of superb quality” (Tony Face) 
“The band has now reached a point of maturity where they can literally do whatever they feel like doing” (Traks) 
“An endless regeneration, a musical blob in constant redefintion, ever re-thought, re-elaborated, re-discovered” (SentireAscoltare)

24Sep 2019

New album 'In The Silence Electric' full stream

You can now listen to our new album In The Silence Electric streaming in full at SentireAscoltare
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