13Nov 2020

Debut album by Yuma out now on Superlove

We're delighted to announce the release for our own label Superlove of Yuma's debut album. The music of the band (featuring our own drummer Ulisse Tramalloni, guitarist Marco Parmiggiani of Rufus Party and the legendary local bluesman Johnny La Rosa) is a mix of blues, rock and abrasive folk that takes off from tradition to project itself into contemporaneity. The album is available now at all digital stores and streaming services.

Johnny La Rosa, Marco Parmiggiani (Rufus Party), Ulisse Tramalloni (Julie's Haircut). An atypical line up (drums, steel guitar, electric guitar). Original songs that draw on tradition - Hank Williams, Son House, Bukka White, Prison working songs, Folk ballads - and become a desolate, harsh, obscure sound. The point of no return? Yuma.
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