10Oct 2019

New album 'In The Silence Electric'

Our new album In The Silence Electric, released by Rocket Recordings, with cover art by the german artist Annegret Soltau(©1975), is available now as download, streaming, CD and LP in three different colours: green, pink (exclusive for indie shops) and white on clear (exclusive for mail order).

The buzz: 
“A real gem of controlled power and strange beauty. Drifting purposefully from tenebrous mysterious hearts of darkness to screaming noise-flooded fields” (Narc Magazine - ****/5)  
“Pretty thrilling stuff” (The Quietus)  
“Roy Orbison making the dirtiest kosmische musik possible” (Concrete Island)  
“Band hitting a blistering career peak” (Trebuchet)  
“A crowning achievement” (Raven Sings The Blues)  
“Unconditional listening recommendation!” (Neolyd)  
“Drips with magnetic seduction” (Get Into This)  
“A complete success” (Fuzzy Sun)  
“Head straight to the dance floor on a wave of fuzzed out glory” (Echoes & Dust)  
“A precise and uncompromising vision, a refined outcome only they could have produced” (Piccadilly Records)  
“The reason Julie’s Haircut’s music works is that the band has left behind any ‘overthinking’ in music and has opted for letting their dreams, subconscious and all the inspirations that lie in there speak for themselves” (Soundblab)  
“This will conquer many hearts” (Blow Up - 8/10) 
“To describe this with just one word, we believe the word ‘genius’ will do the job” (Rockerilla) 
“Embracing like the darkest hour of the night” (Rumore - 8/10) 
“A unique band in the italian panorama. Once again, an album of superb quality” (Tony Face) 
“The band has now reached a point of maturity where they can literally do whatever they feel like doing” (Traks) 
“An endless regeneration, a musical blob in constant redefintion, ever re-thought, re-elaborated, re-discovered” (SentireAscoltare)

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