12Aug 2019

Our own label Superlove to release two albums by DOLPO

We're delighted to announce the release in digital format - on August 25th - of the two albums of our friends DOLPO, via our own Superlove label. The two albums - already available on vinyl thanks to Dio Drone, Hypogeum Records and BleuAudio Records - will come out on all major digital stores and streaming services. You can already pre-order and pre-save them at these links:

DOLPO, active since 2013, is an experimental drone-doom band inspired by the tradition and the musical structures of the sacred music of the ancient, obscure religious rituals of Tibet, Mongolia, Nepal and Northern India; ancient, forgotten cults that merged into Bön, Tibetan Buddhism and primitive Shivaism.From those ancient rituals, DOLPO adopted some of its instruments (telescopic trumpets Dung-Chen, human thigh bone trumpet Kangling, Dung-Dkar, Rolmo, Dhyangro, Dorje Bell) and the traditional throat singing "Gyer". Alongside those instruments are also electric guitars, bass, floor tom, Taishogoto, overtone flute, plus field recordings collected during long field research on the Himalayas.
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