2 October 2017
Laura Agnusdei - Night/Lights
Debut album by Laura Agnusdei out now
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18 September 2017
New Single 'Burning Tree'
New digital single available friday 22 september
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26 April 2017
Spotify Playlists Series: Introducing You To The Labyrinthine World Of...
An introduction to the music of Julie's Haircut, ideal for the newbie.
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18 April 2017
Free Download - 10k freaks can't be wrong! Or can they?
Our Facebook page has reached the 10k fans goal. To thank you we're sharing a song for free download.
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11 April 2017
SPotify Playlists Series: Andrea ROVACCHI: LOST IN MAPUTO
Andrea Rovacchi, a regular visitor and lover of the country of Mozambique, shares his latest findings in local music.
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4 April 2017
Ulisse "Titte" Tramalloni, the pulsating beat behind Julie's Haircut, offers his own selection of groovy soulful delicacies.
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3 April 2017
Live at Stereonotte Rai Radio 1
Listen to our live set in the studios of Stereonotte Rai Radio 1
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28 March 2017
Spotify Playlists Series: Luca Giovanardi - Jazz In Space
Luca Giovanardi sets the controls for a trippy adventure to the obscure side of the world of jazz.
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22 March 2017
Spotify Playlists Series: Laura Agnusdei - You Saxy Thing
Saxophonist Laura Agnusdei delivers her collection of carefully selected gems by some of the most adventurous explorators in the brassy world.
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21 March 2017
'Salting Traces' on Mojo
'Salting Traces' included on Mojo 282's cover mount CD
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15 March 2017
Spotify Playlists Series: Scarfo's Metal Mayhem
Andrea Scarfone hits you hard with this collection of heavy duty classics from the darkest side of the business.
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13 March 2017
New song "Fire Unbound" included in the compilation "FUNDRAISING ALBUM FOR AMANDA"
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