02Oct 2020

Julies' Haircut vs Rainbow Island

Following the release of their respective recent new albums, Italy’s own psych heroes Julie’s Haircut and Rainbow Island join forces for a digital single release where the two bands remix each other’s music. 

Both revisit songs coming from albums released back in 2017: Julie’s Haircut rhythmically reworks Jiang (from Rainbow Island’s album Crystal Smerluvio Riddims), while Rainbow Island picks Orpheus Rising (from the Julie’s Haircut album Invocation and Ritual Dance of My Demon Twin) and drenches it in dub. 

This release marks a mutual feeling of respect and admiration between the two italian bands. 

The cover art is a detail of “Nymphs Finding the Head of Orpheus" (1900) by John William Waterhouse. Graphic treatment by Nicola Caleffi

Follow the 'buy' link in the Bandcamp player to get it.
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