30Sep 2021

NEW SONG OUT: Wrongpop Presents Running Punks X Single Homeless Project

We're happy to present the new song The Skull - an outtake from our latest album In The Silence Electric - as part of the compilation Running Punks, put together by Wrongpop to support the Single Homeless charity. 

32 tracks (9 exclusives), the album is available for £10 (minimum donation) and only for the month of October, when it will be taken down and all money made goes to this amazing charity. Look at who's on the bloody thing: M S Thomason, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, James and The Cold Gun, Kooba Tercu, Penfriend, Herzoga, Part Chimp featuring Colin Webster, Michael, False Advertising, Diaz Brothers, Hey Colossus, Cheerbleederz, Seek Warmth, Tokkyy Horror, Bilge Pump, Helen Love, Klamp, Dream Nails, Sweet Williams, Strange Unit, 72%, Frauds, DCW Briggs, Julie's Haircut, Gaffa Banda, Modern Technology, Casual Nun, Cower, Castrovalva, Gum Takes Tooth featuring Wayne Adams, Eli, If I Had a Hi-fiWrongpop and Running Punks have teamed up to put together an album of many awesome bands and artists to raise money to help raise money for Single Homeless Project (charity number 287779). This is to coincide with Jimmy and Laura from the Punks London Marathon run for SHP on October 3rd to raise even more money for this amazing charity! 

Pre-order the album before release on October 1st and get 3 exclusive tracks RIGHT NOW! “We are Single Homeless Project (SHP), a London-wide charity working to prevent homelessness and help vulnerable and socially excluded people to transform their lives.Each day across all 32 London boroughs, our staff work with individuals to tackle the underlying causes of homelessness, such as poor mental health or drug and alcohol dependency. From supporting people in crisis to helping people take the final steps towards independence and employment, we make a difference to 8,000 lives every year. 

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