05Aug 2021

Taotie Remix by Pumajaw Out Now

In his creative reworking of Julie’s Haircut’s Taotie - a song from their 2013 album Ashram Equinox - former Loop member John Wills, now Pumajaw, reshapes the original etno-electronic feel of the track into a brand new form, with an emphasis on the futuristic drive that puts this version on a whole new level: while mantaining the distinctive elements of the piece - the hypnotic synth arpeggio, the ghostly vocals, the otherworldly guitars - Wills’ version of Taotie rebrands the track as if it were transported from its desert-like environment to a shiny, high tech world. The remix is now available at our Bandcamp (if you buy it on the day of release August 6th, Bandcamp will waiver its fees to support the band) and on all streaming services.

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